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Looking for a Library Job?

by on May 27, 2013

If you are like many soon-to-be or recent library science graduates, you may be stressing about finding a library position. Or, you may be in the library field but are looking for full-time work. The process of searching for your dream library job can be frustrating. One valuable tool is the blog and job site INALJ (I Need A Library Job). Created by Naomi House, this great resource contains articles, job listings, and even suggested keywords for job searching.[1] The site posts jobs from the U.S., Canada, and overseas. Each state has an updated link to new jobs, and links for other useful job search sites.[2] INALJ is helpful for its updated lists, and for the extra advice and articles available. If you choose, you can also subscribe to the site. It provides a forum to collaborate with fellow job hunters, and a place to support your traditional job search.

Other commonly recommended job sites include ALA Joblist, LibGig, Library Journal’s JobZone, and Indeed. If you are currently in grad school, it is worthwhile to peruse what career resources your university offers, but don’t overlook investigating the resources of other universities. One site I find helpful is the UCLA Department of Information Studies job page. It lists positions currently open within the department, as well as in-state and out-of-state positions. There is even a section for internships and student jobs.[3] For those interested in academic librarianship, check out HERC’s (Higher Education Recruitment Consortium) regional sites. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of the many ALA resources out there, like career webinars. On American Libraries Live you can find a free episode entitled “Landing Your Ideal Library Job.” This beneficial session provides tips for resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and job searching. Other resources to try out include local city and county job sites. These sites allow you to set up job interest notifications, even if there are no library jobs posted at the time of your visit. Also be sure to explore museum websites, or other cultural institutions near you. Hopefully some of these tools will make your job search easier and propel you towards success. Good luck!

Need more advice? For further reading:

Making it Work: Surviving as a Librarian Employed in Another Field” by Alyssa Vincent  http://www.inthelibrarywiththeleadpipe.org/2013/making-it-work/

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