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New! The Quick Reads Series – Weeding Manual – Digital Download

by PLA Staff on June 23, 2016

Weeding Manual QuickReadsAuthors: Holly Hibner and Mary Kelly
Publisher: Public Library Association, May, 2016, 71 pages.

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Weeding is an important step in collection management, and one that must be handled sensibly. Under-weeded collections can quickly look messy, old, and unappealing. Overweeded collections become irrelevant, lacking materials that patrons want and need. There is a fine balance in weeding, and it all begins with knowing your community and what they expect from their public library. Weeding also has implications for public relations. This manual will help library workers weed smartly. We are stewards of shared community assets, so weeding decisions must be carried out carefully and respectfully. Weeding garners attention from patrons, so their feelings and responses must be taken into consideration. Readers can also use this manual to help define a library collection with policies and objectives. Collection development factors like depth, breadth, relevancy, and currency are discussed.

Also in this book are methods for ongoing weeding as well as starting points for long-overdue weeding projects. The authors explain how to create space, appeal, and usefulness and describe how to create a weeding schedule that is both possible and practical. They recommend reports to run through integrated library systems and discuss ways to analyze collection data. All of these approaches to weeding will help you decide what to weed, how often, and how much. Finally, the authors go collection-by-collection with specific weeding criteria to consider. Each Dewey decimal category is covered. Many different formats, and even classic and series-driven fiction, are also touched upon.

This digital download provides practical advice that will help:

Any public library to get started, or to continue, weeding with confidence.  Readers will feel empowered to create a weeding plan that is useful to heir building, their community, and their staff.

  1. Defining Your Collection
  2. No Excuses
  3. Types of Weeding
  4. Potential Weeding Schedule
  5. Developing a List of Weeding Candidates
  6. Working with Weeding Staff
  7. Weeding and Customer Service
  8. Disposal of Weeded Materials
  9. Nonfiction Weeding Guidelines
  10. Fiction Weeding Guidelines
  11. Audiobooks
  12. Weeding E-Formats
  13. Movies, Music, Games
  14. Periodicals

Also includes Final Thoughts and Further Reading.

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