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Alison McCarty is a Support Services Librarian in a large county public library in Northeast Florida. She is excited about project management, programming, outreach, marketing, and community partnerships.

Fresh from the Library: Organic Foods

The New Port Richey (Florida) Library enriches its customers’ minds and bellies with delicious and healthy food at its weekly farmers market.

dictionary entry for the word law

Lawyers and Libraries: A Winning Combination for Your Patrons

Libraries are great places to find legal information, in the stacks, in NOLO books on every topic, and on legal websites accessed via the public computers. But librarians can only point patrons to these resources; they can’t give legal advice themselves. So why not bring in the lawyers who can?


Osher Map Library Brings its Globes to the Public

Want to see some large antique globes, but don’t want to put on pants and trek to Portland, Maine? The Osher Map Library has you covered with its new digitization project. Globes were once incredibly common for use in mapping and exploring the world, but now it can be hard to get up close and personal with these delicate items. Luckily for map- and history-lovers, the Osher Map Library is working hard to get its collection of nearly three hundred vintage globes online and available for viewing at all hours of the day.

Toronto Public Library Brings Community, Data Together at Hackathon

On November 14 and 15, 2015, the Toronto Public Library (TPL) was invaded by hackers – fourteen teams of invited programming enthusiasts – as part of the first TPL Hackathon. Hackathons are common events in the programming world and can last from hours to days as programmers work to create apps, websites, games, and other projects. With the Toronto Public Library in the middle of developing a new strategic plan, the staff decided to theme their hackathon by posing this question to participants: “How can the library make our communities more resilient, more knowledgeable, more connected and more successful?” The library provided data sets to participants, including statistics on circulation, programs, and attendance, top ten books borrowed by format and type, real time online catalog searches, and demographic information from the City of Toronto. The participants chose the data they were most interested in to create their project. Because of the limited time that teams had to work on their projects, the focus of the event was more on ideas and concepts rather than working prototypes, though some projects did make it to that stage.

YA Shot: A Teen Book Festival with a Lasting Impact

Students in Uxbridge, UK, recently had the chance of a lifetime—to meet dozens of authors and talk with them about YA and middle-grade books as part of the local library system’s YA Shot festival. YA Shot was held on October 28 in Uxbridge, near London, England. A total of 240 adults, teens, and tweens attended the all-day festival spread out across three locations: the Uxbridge Library, Waterstone’s Uxbridge bookstore, and the Uxbridge Civic Centre.


Boulder Goes International with Jaipur Literature Festival

For one weekend in September, Boulder, Colorado, was host to dozens of international authors talking about everything (except their books) as part of a new satellite of the Jaipur Literature Festival. The Jaipur Literature Festival, or JLF, is a free-to-the-public festival that brings together writers, poets, and thinkers from around the world to talk about big ideas like life and society, economics and the arts, equity, freedom, and the environment. The main festival, the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival, has been held in Jaipur, India, since 2006, and another satellite festival was in London earlier this year.

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Outernet: “Humanity’s Public Library”

Outernet, a satellite-based information source, is bringing knowledge to the furthest reaches of the globe, 24/7.


Thousands Enjoy Public Library Stories

If you’re looking for a place to read and share great library stories, Gina Sheridan has you covered with her Tumblr, I work at a public library.

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Opening in 100 Years: The Future Library

The Future Library isn’t a library yet, but when it opens in 2114 it will contain written works from great authors of today – and many authors not even born yet.

Geek Girl Camp circuits class

Geek Girls Camp at the Library

The Fayetteville Free Library’s week-long Geek Girl Camp gives elementary-age girls the opportunity to learn and play in various STEAM fields all in one location – the library!