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Caroline Ochalek Author Archive

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Caroline Ochalek has over seven years of experience working in public libraries. Now a youth services librarian, she has also worked as an adult services page and a circulation assistant. Caroline is currently reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

picture of a cell phone and a laptop

How Should Public Libraries Handle Cell Phone Usage?

While libraries may not want to go so far as to ban cell phone use in libraries, it is important for them to develop cell phone policies so that their usage does not harm or disturb patrons in the library.


Reading Your Library Patrons

For a period of about six months I actually did both at the same time and I enjoyed the variety of it, working two different departments forced me to continually adapt. One thing I noticed is that the patrons, while they may come to both desks, may not have the same presence at both desks.

I ♥ Working in Public Libraries

I started working in public libraries while still in college in order to fill up my free time and supplement my education — while I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. It was a part-time job that ended up shaping my future, landing me in a career that I love!