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Corrado Di Tillio Author Archive

Email: c.ditillio@bibliotechediroma.it  

Corrado Di Tillio is a Services manager and South-East area coordinator of the Public Libraries of the City of Rome, Italy. He is Secretary of the Standing Committee of the IFLA Section on Metropolitan Libraries. He has been working in public libraries since 1998, with various interests like management, collection development and reading groups. Corrado is currently reading Something Quite Peculiar by Steve Kilbey.

person at library working on computer

Writer-in-Residence Project at Québec Library

During the visit of the first floor, I noticed a study room with glass walls. Inside a man sat, concentrated, in front of a notebook and a large, colorful candy jar which immediately caught my attention. Our guide explained that he was Mathieu Blais, the current “writer-in-residence”

Apply for the 2016 AIB/IFLA Short Film Contest

Since 2009, the Italian Library Association (Associazione Italiana Biblioteche) has held an annual contest honoring short films about libraries. The contest, called “A Corto di Libri,” soon reached country-wide fame, and more than a hundred films participated in the last seven years. This year, the IFLA Section on Metropolitan Libraries partnered with the contest to finance a €1,000 prize (currently about $1,116) in video-making equipment for the best film about public libraries in large cities.

Fondo cooking workshop

Kitchens in Libraries

Two brand new libraries in the Province of Barcelona have a space with a kitchen and cooking equipment. The library directors explained why cooking programs for children and adults are very successful.

IFLA meeting

Report From the IFLA Public Libraries Conference

The IFLA Public Libraries Section held a satellite conference in Birmingham, England, in August, where some of the newest library spaces were showcased, such as the “topic room” in Berlin or the famous BiblioTech.

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Marketing Libraries Through Word Clusters

An academic research applied a clinical psychology methodology to librarians and patrons of an Italian Public Library. The findings – clusters of “dense” words – depict libraries as spaces of inclusion or integration (or exclusion).

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Report from the Mid-Term Meeting of the IFLA Public Libraries Section in Malmö

On February 27-28 the Mid-Term Meeting of the IFLA Public Libraries Section was held in Sweden and Denmark. Inspiring speakers and visits to some gorgeous branches were the highlights.


Self-Assessment: A Valuable Management Tool

Self-assessment is a useful management tool and two successful tools are now available: the Edge Initiative and the Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative. Edge just launched on Wednesday, January 22.


A Look at Library Data

Following the German BIX, recently “Library Journal” and the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) Metropolitan Libraries Section each published their rankings of public library services. Libraries can see how they rated, nationally or globally.

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Infinite Possibilities: IFLA Conference Report

This year the World Library and Information Congress, 79th IFLA General Conference and Assembly, took place in Singapore (August 17-23), with the theme Future Libraries: Infinite Possibilities. Public libraries were in the spotlight as placemakers and key players for e-reading and collaboration.

Almere Public Library Shelving Unit

The Retail Revolution @ Your Library

The new library of the Dutch city of Almere has become a model for libraries inspired by the retail business and based on the observation of users’ behaviors. It’s an appealing concept that has also been adopted successfully in Illinois and New Zealand.

opera books

A ‘School For the Audience’ – Theater and Opera Programs at the Library

Theatre and opera programs are a great way to provide a mix of entertainment and learning. Public libraries can also reach new users and showcase collections.