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Feldenstein Calypso has worked as little as possible for a large, near-urban public library for over 20 years. His writing has won him a Nobel Prize. Your inability to verify that is only a reflection of the limits of your research skills. He writes daily at clerkmanifesto.com.

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Not Everything with Books is a Library

If you closely follow library stories across the world you may have come across this heartwarming one: A small rural public school’s largely abandoned library in Las Plumas County, California, was so outdated that it was unusable. A local writer, Margaret Garcia, had a dream of reopening this library, so she put out a call on her blog for people to send a book. Her blog post went viral and people sent in 47 million books!

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Czech All the Libraries, or the Secret Dream of Librarians

Having a keen interest in libraries and much experience with working in one, I decided to read an article I came across in the New York Times about Czech libraries. As is the modern custom, this article had a clickbait headline. And though I am keen to feel superior to the cheesy desperation of clickbait headlines, the article you’re reading now probably has a clickbait headline, too.