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Joanna Nelson Rendón Author Archive

Email: jrendon@ppld.org   Twitter: @VibrantLib

Joanna Nelson is the Teen Services Cooridnator for Pikes Peak Library District in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is the co-chair of the Colorado Association of Libraries Leadership Development Committee and presents at workshops and conferences regularly. Joanna is currently reading The notorious Benedict Arnold by Steve Sheinkin.

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Stanford University and Zombies! Oh, my!

Abstract and philosophical questions trip me up sometimes — especially via chat reference. Someone will ask about God, intuition, political ideologies, or zombies, and my brain freezes (which is good for the zombies!). The answers to these questions are often conceptual and can make me feel stuck. Does this happen to you? Well, have no fear; the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is here! This online resource is an excellent, in-depth way to find answers to these complicated questions and more.

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Excellent Leadership Takes Practice

Some people think leadership can be taught and others believe that you are born with it. To me, leadership is a skill that is learned. I believe this because of professional development opportunities that I’ve participated in over the past few years.

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To Shmoop or Not to Shmoop?

Remember the last time you helped a teen with a book report on a classic? You could tell just by looking at her that she was not looking forward to it. Well, many resources exist to help teens understand books and write literature criticism. One of my favorite free websites is Shmoop.com.