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With a family that boasts five librarians of different specialties, it is no surprise that Tanya Davidson is finishing her Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science. She is most interested in questions of theory, practical applications, all things historical, and the undeniably modern world. Tanya Davidson is currently reading The School of Night by Louis Bayard.

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In the World of Audiobooks, the Narrator Rules Supreme

I have just recently discovered the attraction of audio books. For the longest time, I couldn’t get comfortable with listening to a book when I would much rather curl up with one on the sofa. Plus, audiobooks were clunky. In the pre-downloadable days, I would have to cart around my Discman and the relevant disk in order to listen in line at the grocery store or while waiting at the doctor’s office.

Attempting to Make Sense

My first blog post for this site was about gun control and how it affects those of us in libraries. I said that our hands were tied when the government declares that guns are allowed into libraries, and that we should use the opportunity as a teachable moment. That stance seems so inefficient and unaffected now, after the horror of Friday. There has to be more.


A Virtual Cacophony of Information

Twitter connections may happen silently, but the information exchanged speaks volumes. Libraries that aren’t using Twitter as a way to connect with their patrons are missing out on one of the easiest connections available.

Gun Toting as a Teachable Moment?

So what do we do when our hands are tied, and the library policies that ban weapons from the premises are overruled by the state? In a world where mass shootings are a horrific possibility, how do we create a sense of security for ourselves and our patrons?

Checking Out Books and Checking in Boxes: Is Tennessee’s Ruling Really a Step in the Right Direction?

In a perfect world, it would be just as easy to cast a vote in your country as it is to check out a book, but Tennessee’s court has simply expanded the allowable forms of voter identification by a unit of one. It has not loosened the restrictions, nor has it made it any more accessible to those people who are marginalized at the polling centers.