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How To Keep Your Library’s Facebook Page From Getting Hacked – Podcast Episode 006

Live from the PLA 2016 conference, we talk to Erica Jesonis, Chief Librarian for Information Management, Cecil County (Md.) Public Library, about How To Keep Your Library’s Facebook Page from Getting Hacked. What would you do if your library’s Facebook page got hacked and unwanted or even (gasp!) scandalous posts started to appear? Would you be forced to wait in agony for Facebook to hand back control? Don’t let it get that far! Learn easy and effective ways you can protect your organization and yourself so your account is less likely to get compromised in the first place. Jason’s share tips you can implement now to improve security for your organization and for yourself.

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Kari Chapin – Live from PLA 2016! – Podcast Episode 005

We talk to PLA 2016 conference “Make It Extraordinary” guest speaker Kari Chapin. Kari Chapin is a best-selling author, teacher, marketing mentor, and consultant. She is a guru in the handmade industry, with her bestseller “The Handmade Marketplace” and her website (karichapin.com) propelling a multitude of small business-owners to success. In addition, her other books, “The Brilliant Ideas Launch Pad” and “Make It Happen – A Workbooks & Productivity Tracker” (to name a few), help readers generate and capture their best ideas, as well as improve productivity and manage their time. Tune in to hear some great tips and find out what Kari is up to next!

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FYI: The Public Libraries Podcast — Episode 004 –Amy Koester

Kathleen Hughes (Editor, PL and PLOnline)talks to Amy Koester, Youth and Family Coordinator at the Skokie (Illinois) Public Library about the concept of unprogramming (creating and offering programs that are at once highly engaging and collection driven without requiring large amounts of planning, funds, and staff time). Amy also is a blogger, you can check out her blog at showmelibrarian.blogspot.com.

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FYI: The Public Libraries Podcast — Episode 003 –Sarah Kittrell

We talk to Sarah Kittrell, author of the new PLA book, “The Bed Bug Guide for Public Libraries” Kittrell, collection development division manager of the Wichita Public Library, has served as her library’s pest management coordinator since 2012 and has amassed a lot of experience in the arena. In this podcast, we go over how […]

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FYI – 002 – Valerie Gross

Kathleen Hughes talks to Valerie Gross, President and CEO of the Howard County Library System (Maryland) about the principles of two library initiatives, Libraries = Education and Choose Civility in this PLOnline Podcast.   Resources Related to this Podcast: Valerie J. Gross website – http://www.valeriegross.com (More about Valerie Goss and Libraries = Education including suggested […]

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Check Out Our Debut Show — “FYI: The Public Libraries Podcast”

In Episode 1, PLA Manager of Publications Kathleen Hughes talks to new library director Douglas Crane (Palm Beach County, Florida, Library System). Prior to and during his first year of serving as a library director, Crane embarked on a project to interview long-time public library directors to learn more about the job and to try and determine what makes a great library director.