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We are always seeking new contributors to add their voices to the site. We invite you to become a part of PL’s dynamic, high-profile team. If you are interested in blogging, the expectation is that you will produce at least one 400 word, library-related blog post per month. Author interviews and ebook reviews are assigned as needed. These are volunteer positions. If you are interested in participating contact us here.  Be sure to include a bit about your library and writing background and topics that you might be interested in writing about, as well as a writing sample. We are looking for a diverse group of contributors, so don’t be shy!  Our site targets the public library world, so preference is given to those who are in (or retired from) that field. 

Review ALA’s personal data notification (PDN) before proceeding.

Or send an email to publiclibrariesonline@gmail.com and include the information requested above.