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November/December 2012Volume 51, No. 6

The Cybils Awards

Awards season is approaching and I have to admit that book awards are my favorite time of year. I love making predictions with my fellow librarians and then waiting for announcement day to see if our guesses were correct. In addition to the American Library Association (ALA) Youth Media Awards, winter is also the time […]

Getting New Items into the Hands of Patrons A Public Library Efficiency Evaluation

In today’s fast paced society, people want convenience and immediate access; it is no longer acceptable to have to wait for any type of information or entertainment. Everyone wants it now. The time consumers have to digest, absorb, and ultimately consume information is diminishing.1 Libraries are finding themselves competing with everyday content services like Google, […]

It’s No Joke: Comics and Collection Development

Adult comic book and graphic novel readers comprise one of the most underrepresented groups of readers by libraries today.The inclusion of comic books and graphic novels in libraries is a fairly new concept despite the fact that the first comic book was published in 1934. Art Spiegelman’s Maus: A Survivor’s Tale brought the graphic novel […]

Embracing the Long Game

Take a breath and a bow, librarians. Barring a Mayan apocalypse or a clumsy intern tripping over the Internet’s master control switch, we’ve survived yet another year. To deal with technology is to constantly deal with change, and 2012 certainly brought its fair share of changes to our doorstep. We saw e-book sales figures surpass […]

VTLS Releases MozGo

Recognizing the need for a consistent, full-featured app that will make lives easier for both patrons and staff, VTLS developed MozGo.

The Results Are In!

In my previous president’s column, I announced that PLA would be conducting a membership survey and that I would present the findings of the survey in this issue. I am pleased to tell you that our membership survey results are in! We had a response rate of 25.9 percent, which did provide us with statistically […]

New Product News – Nov/Dec 2012

Gale, part of Cengage Learning, recently announced the launch of Gale Genealogy Connect, a new online tool for genealogical research.