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September/October 2013Volume 52, No. 5

Puppetry at Its Best: How Three Billy Goats Can Reinvent Your Early Learning Role

Do you want to spice up your children’s programming? Are you aware of a simple yet ingenious hook that will engage children and energize parents to make the library a routine stop in their weekly activities? How can you strengthen your community partnerships and give them more reasons to collaborate?

Most of us in the library field have a tool box filled with many utensils we use to enhance our storytimes and programs. There is often one unused tool in the box. It is overlooked because we haven’t tried it. It’s not used because we may feel self-conscious about using it. Maybe it lies there because we aren’t sure how and when to use it. This fabulous, no-fail tool is a puppet.

New Product News – September/October 2013

Website Sparticl Makes STEM Research Easy Sparticl is a website developed in conjunction with Twin Cities Public Television and 3M that filters articles related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) from all over the Internet into one place. In addition to the articles, there are games, images, videos, and other activities created by experts […]