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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Brochure

Immigration Services in Libraries

Immigrating to a new country is a daunting and complicated task. You are surrounded by new customs, new people, possibly a new language, and paperwork. Finding help for questions as well as a welcoming place during this transitional time can make all the difference in a person’s life. As a recent article illustrates, libraries can be the place that helps newcomers to find information, services, and small comforts, as well as new acquaintances.

Library of Congress Literacy Awards 2015: Best Practices

The Library of Congress Literacy Awards Program has released their third annual Best Practices publication. Along with the three previously announced 2015 prize winners, fourteen other organizations presenting paramount methods for increasing literacy are included in the publication. The Literacy Awards, first announced in January 2013, honor organizations that successfully increase literacy in the United States or abroad. The Literacy Awards also promote the distribution of the most effective methods, and the Best Practices publication is a key component in sharing these innovative ideas. Below are just a few of the programs cited for their exemplary work in the categories of best practices.

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Starting an Adult Literacy Program

In the end, our Literacy Program has had a positive impact on everyone who has taken part in it. One of our learners finished her college degree, another has gone back to college, and another learner now reads books for pleasure. Many of our learners have become frequent library customers. Staff too, have found the work of providing literacy training and education essential to the community and also very satisfying on a personal level.

Graphic Novel Display

What is an Adult Graphic Novel?

In the quandary of whether to have an “adult graphic novel” collection, do you have an idea of what you want “adult graphic novel” collection to mean for your library?

prison fence

When the Prison Doors Slam Shut On a Teen: Hope in Literacy

Low literacy skills, poverty, and school dropout rates are common denominators for incarcerated teens. Gaining literacy skills create lifelong activities—improved self-esteem topping the list. Begin there and there’s hope for everything else to happen.

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Baby Boomers Aren’t Called “Seniors” Anymore – Next Level Programming for Older Adults

Baby Boomers have rebranded themselves—older adults, matures, 55+, aging adults, longevitists? They aren’t called “seniors” anymore. And library services need to keep pace with their changing needs.

Plaza Comunitaria Literacy Programming @ the Library

Since the 1860s, public libraries have been providing adult literacy programs to immigrants by teaching English and citizenship classes. After the American Library Association (ALA) created a manual for adult literacy in libraries in the 1980s, adult literacy programs began to grow. Today many types of libraries go beyond ESL and citizenship classes and offer […]

Failing to Read Well The Role of Public Libraries in Adult Literacy, Immigrant Community Building, and Free Access to Learning

There are 104,000 foreigners arriving in the United States every day. Out of those arrivals, the majority of foreigners enter with visas and about 2,000 are unauthorized.1 With the economic downturn resulting in loss of employment and homes, plus an increased pressure on workers to keep or find new jobs, learners’ English proficiency and effective […]

Second Start at Oakland Public Library

In the early 1990s, I was working at an adult literacy program on Chicago’s South Side at a social service agency called the Blue Gargoyle. Our office was located on the attic level of a beautiful old church adorned, as many of the neighborhood’s buildings were, with neo-gothic ornamentation. Funded primarily through the Illinois Secretary […]