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Woman reading a book on the beach

Digital Natives Prefer Print

Many assumptions have been made about the fate of print books, and how e-books and our increasingly digital world will change the way people read and study. We all love the convenience and space-saving qualities of e-books, as well as the fun devices they live on. However, a Washington Post article from February discussed something unexpected: the fact that most college-aged students, often called “millennials” or “digital natives,” prefer reading print books.

woman listening to earphones

In the World of Audiobooks, the Narrator Rules Supreme

I have just recently discovered the attraction of audio books. For the longest time, I couldn’t get comfortable with listening to a book when I would much rather curl up with one on the sofa. Plus, audiobooks were clunky. In the pre-downloadable days, I would have to cart around my Discman and the relevant disk in order to listen in line at the grocery store or while waiting at the doctor’s office.