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January February Feature Article

Authors Bounce Back

In keeping with this issue’s theme of fantastic failures, we turned to some of our favorite authors to see how they had navigated disappointments in their own careers. Their sympathetic yet heartening responses are below.


Pastrami on Rye With a Side of Joyce Carol Oates, Please!

Through May 7, 2014, the New York Public Library is offering its busy patrons a unique opportunity to listen to famous authors give a twenty minute reading of their work, followed by a ten minute question and answer session. The events will be located under the center arch in historic Astor Hall and the series […]

national library week poster

Celebrating National Library Week with LibFest 2014

Last year, Alamance County staff was interested in starting a new program to announce National Library Week 2014. Our libraries wanted to hold a fun, celebratory event while encouraging our community to become users of our resources. It was decided that Alamance County Public Libraries would host the first annual LibFest on April 13, from 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m., outside on the lawn of one of the libraries. With less than a month to go, staff is finishing up details and praying for beautiful weather.

auditorium chairs

Author Events @ The Library

So many times, authors credit libraries as places where they can write, or as the place that got them started on their writing paths. Having an event that celebrates the craft is a wonderful way to bring authors and libraries together!