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Working Outside the Box: Meeting the Needs of Entrepreneurs

On a national level, there are 17.9 million “solopreneurs,” individuals who operate their business completely on their own; this number is expected to swell to 40 million by 2019. These statistics make it necessary for public libraries to reach out to the entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in their communities.

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Creating Podcasts to Share Community Stories

This winter I have been hosting a weekly podcast series with local entrepreneurs and business owners who want to share their stories of becoming their own boss. Podcasts can be created very easily and uploaded in a matter of minutes. They are a great way to share stories and connect community members.

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Embedded Business Librarianship in 5 Steps

Embedded librarianship to the business community is so important because the people in this group may not consider the library as a resource, yet are the very ones who could benefit the most from their public library’s services.

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Conducting Business in the Library

In a recent article in The Atlantic Cities, Emily Badger wrote about how libraries can stay relevant by working with entrepreneurs eager to start their own businesses.[1] Twenty-first century libraries are the current hot topic; and this aspect of our services can, indeed, play a crucial role in two main ways: space and research assistance.