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picture of a cell phone and a laptop

BYOT? Bring Your Own Technology and the Public Library

There is a new trend in education: bring your own technology (sometimes called BYOD or Bring Your Own Device). As the requirements of student’s tech needs grow and budgets shrink, one solution proposed is that students provide their own mandatory laptop, tablet, or other device. The issues this raises for educational institutions are vast. Complications arise over security, equitable access, monitoring, and software licensing contracts, to name a few.


Is Your Library Ready for BYOD?

When asked if your library is doing BYOD, do you get an uncomfortable feeling someone is asking whether you allow alcohol in your library or your ears need to be cleaned out? Never fear BYOD http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BYOD is a new term most commonly heard in the business world – Bring Your Own Device. It could be coming to a library near you. Prepare yourself to admire and learn about the variety of devices your staff own and love and how they feel these devices help them accomplish their work each day.