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Public Libraries Feature Article July/august issue

Using Superhero Comics to Teach Young Children Intellectual Property Concepts

On January 5, 2014, The Simpsons television series aired “Steal This Episode.” Homer Simpson discovers that he enjoys pirating movies so much that he decides to share them with his neighbors. He installs a large outdoor movie screen and offers lawn chairs and popcorn for his friends to view the illegally acquired flicks. He doesn’t charge […]

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Comics, Super Heroes, Pop Culture, and Libraries

Every July, thousands of people converge on Comic-Con International: San Diego to have an in-person experience with their favorite comics, TV shows, and movies. Throughout the year, conventions celebrating comics, pop culture, super heroes, and more take place across the country. These events are fantastic opportunities for libraries to meet potential users who might never have thought of the library as a place they would go, and connect with those who already love their library on a new level.

It’s No Joke: Comics and Collection Development

Adult comic book and graphic novel readers comprise one of the most underrepresented groups of readers by libraries today.The inclusion of comic books and graphic novels in libraries is a fairly new concept despite the fact that the first comic book was published in 1934. Art Spiegelman’s Maus: A Survivor’s Tale brought the graphic novel […]

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Not Your Grandpa’s Comic Books

Comics have come a long way since Superman made his first appearance in 1938. No longer are the days of “biff,” “pow,” and “bam” ending the treacherous reign of some half-wit excuse for a villain. The future of comics and graphic novels is here and now and they deserve a spot in your library.