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Library shelves and a large wall of windows

Turning Outward at Your Library: Re-Envisioning

Recently I facilitated several workshops throughout Arizona’s public libraries implementing the Aspen Institute’s Action Guide for Re-Envisioning Your Public Library. We focused on initiating a dialogue with the community that is centered on the community’s priorities. Rather than ask questions like, “What can we do to increase the frequency of your visits to the library?” […]

Using GIS to Assess Public Libraries

Simply put, a Geographic Information System (GIS) is a tool for organizing data so that it can be displayed and analyzed based on its geospatial characteristics. Using GIS allows users to combine multiple data sets in order to suss out connections in the subject matter that might not necessarily have been fully apparent without the added element of geographic references.

teens sharing a song

Teen Programming – Who Comes and Why

A teen may actually benefit more (both educationally and with regards to self-efficacy) by tutoring a tween in a particular subject than by being taught the information by an adult. In creating activities, however, a librarian needs to consider if opening an event up to a wider public will alienate some of the potential participants.