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Need More Romance? There’s An App for That

In a previous post or two, I have mentioned the popularity of the romance genre. Romance novels continue to be a staple of the bookselling and library worlds. Now, due to the popularity of the genre and the variety of its subgenres, the Romance Writers of America (RWA) has created a unique app.


A Little Extra Help – Why Public Libraries Need Social Workers

This past May, the D.C. Public Library hired a social worker to help improve outcomes for homeless patrons. Great idea, right? You might even say it’s a no-brainer. So why aren’t more public libraries doing the same?

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Who Knew? What They Don’t Teach You in Library School

A few days ago, another librarian and I spent an agonizing forty minutes trying to follow the impossible directions for assembling a desk chair. We had both approached the topic thinking it would be a quick and easy task and we’d soon be back to our ‘normal’ work. We ultimately assembled the chair, but with […]


Moving Readers’ Advisory Online

Readers’ advisory is a unique service that public libraries can be the “best” at. By moving readers’ advisory to the virtual world, librarians can better reach their users.

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Big Impact Personal Library Service

How do public libraries ensure that people facing life situations receive the amount of help and the level of personal assistance they need? Assisting patrons with online forms, job applications, along with being there to provide assistance for those with mobility or cognitive challenges—all requires extra staff time and patience, and usually in a busy library setting.

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Be Prepared with a Challenged Materials Policy

If you work in a library for long, you’re almost guaranteed to have some kind of conversation with a patron about a material they were less than thrilled with. If the patron is upset about the item, you need to have a collection development policy you can refer to so that you can discuss how materials are selected. When the patron wants to take their complaint about an item further, a policy for handling challenged materials is necessary.

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Miracle on 34th Street: Library Edition

Can your reference staff send patrons to other libraries when it’s in the patron’s best interest to go there?

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Superman Gets His MLS

I have the good fortune to work in a library that is open to the public as well as owned by a private museum, and so therefore, I obtain a lot of queries in person, on the phone, and via e-mail. I crave interaction with people and therefore appreciate working the circulation and reference desk. Last week someone called to ask if we could help her appraise her deceased mother’s art work. Later in the conversation I found out that she was in Florida and I work in Ohio. I was able to help her locate an appraisal company in her area, and exited the phone call amazed that someone in Florida would call someone in Ohio for that information. These are the stories and phone calls that I live for.

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Navigating 3 Tricky Customer Conversations

Slugline: Issues involving library users that you like can be difficult to manage. Learn tips for managing three common situations. Got more tips? Share them in the comments section.