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Whose Fault Is It? The Technology Or The Human Using It?

It’s so easy to blame the machine, but is that why something didn’t work properly? Could it be operator error? How can you decide whose fault it is?


Surveying the Digital Inclusion Survey

The Digital Inclusion Survey, which collected information from September to November 2013 about public libraries, is a significant way to see how libraries are excelling and where they are falling short in digital literacy, programming, and technology training.

The Nation’s First Fully Digital Public Library: How a Texas County Made it Happen

In September 2013, the nation’s first completely digital public library opened in San Antonio, Texas. Named BiblioTech, a play on the Spanish word for library (biblioteca), the building is located on the south side of Bexar (pronounced “Bear”) County. BiblioTech is a county-operated facility that serves the City of San Antonio and Bexar County. Home to 1.7 million, Bexar County completely encircles the city of San Antonio, which is celebrated for the historic Alamo and world-famous Riverwalk, and is now home to the first digital public library. The small, 4,800-square-foot space boasts 20,000 e-book titles (with a plan in place to increase that number by 10,000 every year over the next five years), 600 e-readers, 200 child-enhanced e-readers, 48 computer stations, 45 iPads, ten laptops, four interactive surface tables, two study rooms, and a small café. What you will not find is one single hardcover or paperback book.

Teaching Teens About Digital Literacy Through Programming

As technology is becoming more and more a daily part of teen’s lives, digital literacy educator is becoming a part of the teen librarian’s job description. In 2011, the American Library Association’s Digital Literacy Task Force defined digital literacy as, “the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, […]

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Volunteer Technology Instructors in the Public Library

Are your patrons demanding more computer classes or are they asking for different technology topics? With budgets shrinking and staff members busier than ever, recruiting volunteers to teach computer and technology classes can help fill this need.


Bridging the Digital Divide in Your Library Staff

If you don’t make technology training an embedded practice, chances are training will be haphazard.

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Digital Literacy Instruction: Models for Public Libraries

“New Americans and the Digital Literacy Gap,” a recent article in American Libraries, tells the stories of two library systems that are helping immigrants to bridge the digital divide. The examples of these two library systems provide digital literacy instruction models that can be utilized by public libraries of all kinds.