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May/June Public Libraries

Diversity in Public Libraries Strategies for Achieving a More Representative Workforce

This lack of diversity has been lamented as a problem for decades, yet in spite of efforts to increase the diversity of the library workforce, there has been minimal progress. Much has been written about how to increase diversity in libraries, including suggestions for improving every step of the process from library and information science education, to hiring and retaining a more diverse workforce, to developing diverse collections and library programs. Libraries are not the only work setting that faces a problem with diversity. However, given that the public library is a forum that serves a variety of communities and interests, it is critical to develop a public library workforce that more accurately reflects the diverse backgrounds that public libraries serve.

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Diversifying Librarianship

The library workforce fails to reflect the increasing diversity of our communities. It’s time for effective change.

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Dispatches from PLA 2014 — Diversifying Your Workforce

At the “Diversifying Your Workforce” program during the PLA 2014 conference, presenters from the King County Library System (KCLS) in Washington State detailed a successful program that has increased staff diversity at their library.