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Emerging Tech Trends Require Change Management

Change has become the norm for libraries as it has with many other businesses who wish to remain competitive. The rise in popularity of the e-book and digital libraries, the transformation to digital centers featuring computer and Wi-Fi access, and libraries as community meeting centers has challenged what used to be the norm, and replaced it with an ever evolving one instead. Here are five emerging technology trends that will benefit both staff and patrons.

picture of a drone on a cement sidewalk

Drones @ The Library

There is a lot going on with drones right now: people have questions about what it means for privacy, how it’s going to affect the airspace, what Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations are being put in place, examples of them being used, etc. You can certainly have these conversations with patrons at any time, but when they are able to feel the weight of the drone in their hands, look into the on-board camera, and see a quick flight demo in person, their imaginations are sparked and they begin to create their own story of what the future of technology will look like. And yes, if the patron is feeling daring enough, we’ll let them do a quick test flight for themselves—in a safe and secure area, of course.