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Finding Answers III: Searching For the Right Questions

Whether rebranding, re-organizing, or answering the public’s questions, we have to talk about semantics. If we are asking a question, the way we ask can disrupt the course of inquiry…if we ask the wrong question.

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Finding Answers

The most frequent request librarians get at the reference desk (other than directions to the bathroom) is a request for an answer–not necessarily a resource. Over the years of working with various organizations, businesses, and libraries, it seems we have great access to all sorts of information. We collect it, we catalog it, we index it, we sort it, we file it, we shelve it, and we make it available with computers. The government does a lot of that too, and they even give rewards, i.e., grants to those who will collect the information and make it available either as booklets, seminars, workshops, videos, and digitally online.