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Public Libraries Encourage Patrons to Get Moving

Movement is an important part of keeping patrons healthy which has become a main focus for public libraries. By creating an atmosphere that promotes well-being and motivates users to move their bodies, libraries are making a positive contribution to their communities welfare.

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Senior Fitness Programs at the Library

A recent NPR story highlights an emerging trend in public libraries, providing opportunities for older adults to exercise and have fun together at the library.

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Summer Wellness Challenge

The challenge is a pilot program; the goal is to see if the library should try something similar on a larger scale to raise wellness awareness and motivation in the community.

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Fitness Programs in the Library

Most people think that the library is just a place to read or go online, but some librarians are reaching out to their patrons by offering innovative programming to bring in new patrons and expand their services to younger adults. One such librarian is Jessica Zaker who has successfully launched a fitness program at her library.