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Job Searching During a Pandemic: Flexibility is Key

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the recruitment process upside down for both job seekers and employers. Here’s how to cope.

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What Makes an Expert?

An expert is generally considered someone with extensive knowledge or experience in a given area. But in today’s society of information available instantly at one’s fingertips, literally, the concept and role of the expert has shifted. Still, many people desire expert advice and actively seek out others outside their circle for confirmation or information.

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I’m Not Actually a Librarian: Human Resources Director

Ever stop to think about what a “human resource” really is? Your library runs on them! And it’s the human resources director’s job to negotiate the tricky task of keeping all employees, managers, and the government happy with each other.

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Employment Trends in Public Libraries

With a recent Forbes article citing Library and Information Science as the third worst master’s degree for today’s professionals, the thought of breaking into a library career or even changing jobs can be intimidating.

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Dispatches from PLA 2014 — Engagers, Innovators, Life-Long Learners, and Facilitators: Hiring Staff for the 21st Century Library

The main objective of this open forum was to address the hiring of library staff in the 21st century library. Organizer and moderator, Thomas Fortin, Deputy Director, San Mateo (California) County Library, did an excellent job facilitating the discussion.