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There Was Life Before Little Free Libraries

Libraries and other institutions have used the little free library concept for years before that was the name. How long have you been using it? Who in your community should be using it too?

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Social Workers and Librarians Working Together

We have all been at a public library enough to witness the inclination of the homeless to hang out there. It makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s open to the public, offers free shelter from the elements, provides entertainment, and has free facilities. The idea of using this public venue, which is funded by the community and for the community, to reach out to these individuals is relatively new and, to use a library term, overdue. In San Francisco, where more than 7,000 people are homeless, the city decided to place a social worker inside the main public library to do just that.

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Deposit Collections in Homeless Shelters

Hennepin County Library (MN) is rolling out an innovative new effort to connect homeless patrons with the library system. Deposit collections not only make creative use of weeded and donated books, but also promote the library to patrons who can make the most use of our services. Collaborative partners, volunteers, and library staff work together to make the program a success.