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image of a person on a color chart

Inspired by Infographics

Infographics have infiltrated our lives in the last few years. They pop up anywhere—as politically themed graphics on social media, on organizational websites, in print brochures for charities, and, of course, in the library world. In an age of information overload, infographics attempt to make sense of all this information. (Side note: Here’s an infographic about information overload.)

Information sign

The Talking Cure How do we process change (and lead) during uncertain times?

Librarians know better than anyone else how to reason knowledge from pools of information. It’s just what we do – our process – compile and deduce. An inverted triangle that filters and points to absoluteness. Inconclusiveness does not rest easy with us; it’s a toxin, it affects us, spurs us, and maybe even taunts us. We’re […]