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Landing the Library Job Interview

As a potential candidate, it is up to you to convince hiring managers you are the person they’re seeking. Be ready for the many steps in the public library hiring process.

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Job Searching Made Easier with New Features on ALA JobLIST

Searching for potential work opportunities (and prospective job candidates) just got easier, safer, and more efficient.


Downloading Hope: Providing E-Books to Low-Income Students

The Institute of Museum and Library Services’ initiative with Open eBooks Initiatives and ConnectED Library Challenge will be providing e-book access to thousands of low-income students. In addition to literacy, this is also providing hope to students and their families.

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How Kentucky’s Public Libraries Are Enabling Digital Literacy

Public libraries in Kentucky are supplying more people with computer and Internet access than ever before and, by doing so, are helping Kentuckians obtain 21st century jobs.

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Dissecting The Aspen Institute Report

In October, 2014, the Aspen Institute Dialogue on Public Libraries released their report, Rising to the Challenge: Re-Envisioning Public Libraries. The Dialogue is “a multi-stakeholder forum to explore and champion new thinking on U.S. public libraries.”

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Embedded Business Librarianship in 5 Steps

Embedded librarianship to the business community is so important because the people in this group may not consider the library as a resource, yet are the very ones who could benefit the most from their public library’s services.

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Career Resources: Not Just For Adults

Public libraries offer more job prep to teens

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Ace the Interview

Why do interviews make us so nervous? They really shouldn’t, but, alas, they really DO! Being judged by a panel of people we hope to work for is nerve wracking! Preparing for an interview is one of the best ways to ensure that—at the very least—we appear relaxed and confident.

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Job Help @ The Library

The job search process is rough. While some talk is going around about small improvement, the economy hasn’t picked up a lot of steam. Online application and resume help questions don’t seem to be likely to disappear anytime soon.

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Forming Partnerships to Help Job Seekers @ Your Library

The economy may be slowly improving and the jobless rate is down, but in many areas there are still people out of work and looking for jobs. As librarians, we want to help, but we are not trained to be career counselors. What do we do? Find partnerships!