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Lawyers in the Library

As we all know, public libraries are bastions of knowledge, and are information citadels for the communities in which they reside. Libraries transform, and libraries lead.

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Lawyers and Libraries: A Winning Combination for Your Patrons

Libraries are great places to find legal information, in the stacks, in NOLO books on every topic, and on legal websites accessed via the public computers. But librarians can only point patrons to these resources; they can’t give legal advice themselves. So why not bring in the lawyers who can?

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Legal Resources Recap

Public librarians are faced with a myriad of questions. Some of these inquiries become tricky when they are medical or legal in nature. This post will highlight a few legal resources that may help you find answers for your patrons.

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Turning to the Library for Legal Help

Nobody wants to be in a situation that necessitates hiring an attorney. Some people simply need advice, but are cautious because they assume they cannot afford one. Others just need to understand what their basic rights are.