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Lessons from Banksy Booked

Haight Street Rat, an oversized piece of street art by the internationally known Banksy, is currently at the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library in Kokomo, Indiana.

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Library Directors Group Enables Collaboration and Learning

The support from the community of library directors is one that I value greatly and am thankful to have.

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Open Source and Open Access: A Perfect Marriage

The maker movement has been filtering into the public library sphere for years, and libraries all over the U.S. now have their very own makerlabs and digital media labs. A big part of that digital DIY culture includes open source software, which Phil Shapiro, an educator and blogger for opensource.com, argues needs to be more prevalent in the public library space. Perhaps librarians do need to be better educated on open source. But arguably, we are already incorporating open source software into our regular programming.

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New University Libraries Encourage a More Social Experience

Universities across the country are changing the landscapes of their libraries.

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Collaborative Learning in Libraries

Collaborative learning puts a group of people in a situation where they learn something together, no matter their skill level. We at the Chattanooga (TN) Public Library started co-learning classes on the 4th Floor, our public laboratory and educational facility with a focus on information, design, technology, and the applied arts. as a less intimidating approach to learning new skills. Our co-learning classes have consisted of three strategically different workshops: HTML and CSS, 3D Design, and Arduino. These workshops highlight not only what we have to offer on the 4th Floor but also the twenty-first-century skills that will make an impact on people’s careers and personal interests.

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Helping Vendors Help Us

Managing vendor relationships can be an uncomfortable task for some library staff. Given the general collaborative nature of library staff, working with vendors can feel competitive and unnatural. In my current position, I manage e-content for a public library system where vendors are my allies in helping my library better serve the community. Based on my experience, here are some tips for making the most in working with vendors.

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Check Out a State Parks Pass at Indiana Libraries

The state of Indiana is thrilled to celebrate its Bicentennial in 2016, but the Indiana State Parks are also celebrating an important milestone–their hundredth birthday. The Indiana State Parks system was a gift to the people of Indiana in 1916 in celebration of the state’s centennial. And what better way to celebrate than to give the people of Indiana the gift of discovering their state parks—for free!

Public and University Library Collaboration

The St. Joseph County Public Library teams up with the University of Notre Dame to improve library services to students and faculty.


Collaboration vs Programming in Libraries

Public libraries are increasingly transitioning away from our traditional model to less specifically defined public spaces, such as the “community center” library. While many librarians are excited to try out nontraditional items, programs, and spaces, we often have problems convincing patrons and stakeholders to be involved in such departures from the norm. One way around this is through more open and increased collaboration.

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Feature: Innovation Expo: Create and Collaborate in Maryland

The second annual Innovation Expo was held in May 2014 on a spring Saturday in Baltimore. The public day-long event featured a keynote speaker from
the inspiring Chattanooga (Tenn.) Public Library (CPL), a library-staff-only training opportunity, and a 5,000-square-foot exhibit hall full of hands-on learning opportunities from museums, academic institutions, makerspaces, public libraries, and more. The event, subtitled “Create and Collaborate,”was a creative collaboration in and of itself.

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Village Post Office Coming to a Library Near You?

The Village Post Office service packs the convenience of one-stop shopping and convenient hours with the added benefits of preserving the unique zip code of the town–which would be lost without a postal location–along with the obvious marketing advantage for the public library.

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Critical Collaboration – Public Library and School Partnerships

One of my colleagues, an elementary teacher, decided that instead of asking for more money from her school budget for new encyclopedias, she was going to check them out of the public library for her classroom. I thought “What a brilliant solution!” It seems that even educators sometimes overlook the vast and free resources that the public library can offer. In Illinois, some communities are trying to change that in this critical time.