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Circle of Paper Dolls

How Did You Celebrate National Friends of the Library Week?

How did you celebrate National Friends of the Library Week, held October 18 through 24? I, completely unaware of the event celebrating our Friends, requested funding for a puppet show during the Annual Friends Meeting held that very same week! A blunder that our Friends President, Peter Lynch, automatically forgave because…well, that’s how Friends are […]

Melissa Baker, Marketing and Program Coordinator for the Montgomery County Memorial Library System, loads up the new Little Free Library at the CentralLibrary in Conroe.

Like a Rock Star – A Little Free Library Goes on Tour

A couple of years ago the Little Free Libraries (LFL) craze began. As was noted in a previous Public Libraries Online blog post, LFL can be put up at any community location, such as a Homeowner’s Association clubhouse, a dog park, a playground, or even someone’s yard (with the owner’s permission). LFL fever has spread and now public libraries have put a new twist on it. Why not have a public library loan out a LFL as if it was a book or DVD?


Getting Your Proposals Passed: How to Create Strong Technology Proposals

If you’ve never written a proposal, be prepared, you’ll probably be tasked with writing one at some point in your career. And if you’re able to skirt by the next 30 years without writing one, you’re probably doing something wrong.

Circle of Paper Dolls

Get By With A Little Help From Our (Library) Friends!

A person can never have too many friends … right?! Well, neither can your local public library. In the realm of library supporters, organized library Friends groups play an invaluable role in promoting and fostering the success of public library systems across America. Friends groups can often help with activities that might not necessarily be readily accomplished by library staffers or even library governing board members.

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Does Your Library’s Fundraising or Friends Program Need A Reboot?

From Fundraising 101 to Getting Started on a Strategic and Development Plan, this webinar has something for every library looking to start a Fundraising program or just re-energize and refocus their Friends group.