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I Love My Library Card: A Dual Use Library/Debit Card

Frederick County (MD) Public Library (FCPL) has found an ingenious way to combine its patrons’ library card with bank debit cards.


Smash the Status Quo! Rejuvenating Your Library

Let’s face it—we all get frustrated at work from time to time. Whether it is because we have been denied (or delayed) approval to launch a project we feel would benefit our library, or just dealing with the many layers of bureaucracy. At times it can be easy to throw your hands up and say “whatever” instead of remaining upbeat.

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New Budget Processes for the “New Normal”

Library budgeting has never been an easy task. New approaches, like priority-based and outcome-based budgeting, could help align a library budget with its services and dollars received.

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Tell the World About Your Innovative Library

We are looking for 2-3 essays of 600-1000 words each, for the Perspectives column in the January/February issue of “Public Libraries.” Use this opportunity to tell the library world about an innovative program or initiative at your library.  Essays are due by Monday, January 27. Interested, contact column editor Nanci Milone Hill at nhill at […]