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Quiet in the Library: Working with Introverted Personalities

Towards the end of her book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, Susan Cain sums up her advice to introverts. “Figure out what you are meant to contribute to the world and make sure you contribute it,” she writes, and advises, “Quit your job as a TV anchor and get a degree in Library Science.”1 There are some of us in the profession who may still blanch at this offhand reference to librarians as stereotypical introverts, but in the context of Cain’s book, which is informed with humanity, experience, and solid research, it is not in any sense a criticism.


Getting Your Proposals Passed: How to Create Strong Technology Proposals

If you’ve never written a proposal, be prepared, you’ll probably be tasked with writing one at some point in your career. And if you’re able to skirt by the next 30 years without writing one, you’re probably doing something wrong.

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The Importance of Library Insurance: Investigate It Before You Need It

To be honest, insurance was not something I really thought much about. Of course I held personal insurance (home, auto, etc.), but for the library? I recognized the importance of the library having a basic liability policy.


Self-Assessment: A Valuable Management Tool

Self-assessment is a useful management tool and two successful tools are now available: the Edge Initiative and the Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative. Edge just launched on Wednesday, January 22.