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E-Government in Public Libraries

There has been a great deal of interest in public libraries’ involvement in e-government—the providing of access to and assistance with federal, state, and local government websites, forms, and programs. Another area that libraries have been exploring is that of digital outreach concerning how libraries are using their websites and mobile technology such as apps to reach their services beyond the library walls. This study is concerned with the overlap of these two growing areas of public librarianship and examines public libraries’ assistance with federal and state e-government through their websites with links to state and federal websites, information about e-government, and the supplying of state and federal e-government forms such as tax forms. Are public libraries offering access to e-government through their websites? If so, what are they offering and are some libraries more likely to offer e-government on their websites than other libraries?

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Social Workers and Librarians Working Together

We have all been at a public library enough to witness the inclination of the homeless to hang out there. It makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s open to the public, offers free shelter from the elements, provides entertainment, and has free facilities. The idea of using this public venue, which is funded by the community and for the community, to reach out to these individuals is relatively new and, to use a library term, overdue. In San Francisco, where more than 7,000 people are homeless, the city decided to place a social worker inside the main public library to do just that.

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Creating Podcasts to Share Community Stories

This winter I have been hosting a weekly podcast series with local entrepreneurs and business owners who want to share their stories of becoming their own boss. Podcasts can be created very easily and uploaded in a matter of minutes. They are a great way to share stories and connect community members.

It’s What Works: Outreach to Probationers and Parolees

When most people think of parolees, their first thought probably isn’t to sign them up for a library card. But in Tifton (Ga.) that’s exactly what we do. Since October 2012, the Tifton-Tift County Public Library (TTCPL) and the Tifton Day Reporting Center (DRC) have developed a working relationship that has allowed the library to expand outreach activities in the community and has given the DRC one more resource to offer their clients.

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When the Prison Doors Slam Shut On a Teen: Hope in Literacy

Low literacy skills, poverty, and school dropout rates are common denominators for incarcerated teens. Gaining literacy skills create lifelong activities—improved self-esteem topping the list. Begin there and there’s hope for everything else to happen.

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Library Outreach Services Helps Families of the Incarcerated Stay Connected

Library Outreach services at the Brooklyn Public Library have removed the obstacles for children of the incarcerated to connect with a parent in jail—through technology, creativity and a belief in family literacy, Televisit has changed the landscape of children’s visits at Riker’s Island.

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Outreach in a Box

You’ve heard of book groups in a box, or more broadly, programming kits for checkout, but what about (and why not) Outreach in a box?