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Typewriter Keys

Paperless Society?

For a number of years, those of us paying attention have looked at each other in puzzlement. We are painfully aware that not all information is available electronically. In much the same manner we needed Librarians to train and guide people through the vast wealth of material available in print, we are now needed even more with the greater complexities of electronic formats. The devices are cool, certainly. And like all tools, they hold a useful and special place, but we also know that tools like these supplement, not replace.

color pens

New Pens are for More than Just Writing

With innovations flooding our world, keeping up can be incredibly difficult. When you’re pondering the latest and greatest, pens may not be the first thing that comes to mind. For most of us, it’s a simple writing utensil. These days, though, pens are doing more than taking notes during a meeting.

Logo for Camp DEV DEV

A Look at Code Camp DEV DEV – Library Technology Buzz

Library Technology Buzz is an occasional blog post, written by the PLA Technology Committee, on hot topics in the library technology world. In this post, PLA Technology Committee member Amy Terlaga (Director of User Services, Bibliomation, Inc.) discusses a partnership between the Chattanooga (Tenn.) Public Library and area tech businesses which resulted in a “Code Camp” for teens, with Justin Hoenke, Teen Librarian at the Chattanooga Public Library.