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Kate Saunders Cover Photo

A Mind Like a Steel Trap: A Conversation With Kate Saunders

Kate Saunders’ The Secrets of Wishtide introduces readers to Laetitia Rodd, a private detective in 1850s England. Droll and pragmatic, Rodd works undercover for her barrister brother to investigate cases for his clients. When a wealthy lord questions the identity of his son’s recent paramour, Rodd goes undercover as a governess on his estate to uncover the truth. Yet Rodd quickly learns that each family member has something to hide when a murder takes place on the estate. Equal parts cunning mystery and dissection of Victorian society, The Secrets of Wishtide marks the debut of an intriguing new series.

Book Review – Permafrost by Peter Robertson

Editor’s Note:  This is the first in a new series of reviews of independently published books. We are aiming to provide reviews of independently published books and e-books that your patrons might enjoy. Check back often to see what we’ve uncovered! Interested in reviewing? Contact us here. Book Review  – Permafrost by Peter Robertson Behind the […]