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Closing the Drawer on Library Catalog Cards

It happened on October 1st in Dublin, Ohio. You may not know, unless you read the news release on the OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) website or saw the short article on cnn.com. Maybe you thought that this event had already taken place, possibly even years ago! OCLC held its final print run of library […]

Exercises in Empathy

The web always has its eye on the future, but online culture is not immune to nostalgia. The last few months have seen several attempts to revive a fascination for the dial-up age. A pair of French artists launched windows93.net, a tongue-in-cheek homage to early browsers filtered through a seriously absurdist sense of humor. Writer Paul Ford launched tilde.club, an ASCII-laden throwback to spaces like GeoCities and the communal webring culture that eventually became the blogging world we know today. Sprinkle in a generous dose of animated GIFs, and it’s like we’re on AOL all over again.

Creating Digital Tutorials

Digital instructional and reference content on your library website will expand the service area of your library and maximize the use of library resources available to your patrons. These objects can guide at-home and onsite users through use of the library resources including the library’s catalog, collections, and e-government services. Library computers can prompt users […]