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Dispatches from PLA 2016: Powerful Summers

As the plane touched down in Denver, Colorado, I was eager to attend my first PLA Conference, where I was not only a participant but also a copresenter of the preconference “Powerful Summers: Library-Community-School Partnerships.’

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Dispatches from PLA 2016: Creative Merchandising Strategies for Libraries

At the PLA Conference in Denver, I decided to check out the program Creative Merchandising Strategies for Libraries, mainly because I was intrigued by the word “merchandising.” After all, I’d heard about some libraries moving to the bookstore model—and while I wasn’t quite sure what this meant other than the vague notion that libraries were attempting to channel the spirits of Barnes & Noble—I was hoping to see how I might increase sales (err… circulations) at my library

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Dispatches from PLA 2016: Understanding Microagressions

Dr. Myron Anderson believes he can stack the microaggressions he has endured from the ground to the sun, twice. In his role as chief diversity officer for MSU Denver, Myron keeps his PhD prominently on display in his office, yet people still assume that he does not hold one. Dr. Kathryn Young, assistant professor at MSU Denver, keeps her PhD stuffed in a coat closet. This difference illustrates that some people are assumed to belong in any given environment, while others will have to prove themselves more frequently and under more scrutiny than their peers.

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Preventing Your Library’s Facebook Page From Getting Hacked – Podcast 006

Live from the PLA 2016 conference, we talk to Erica Jesonis, Chief Librarian for Information Management, Cecil County (Md.) Public Library, about How To Keep Your Library’s Facebook Page from Getting Hacked. What would you do if your library’s Facebook page got hacked and unwanted or even (gasp!) scandalous posts started to appear? Would you be forced to wait in agony for Facebook to hand back control? Don’t let it get that far! Learn easy and effective ways you can protect your organization and yourself so your account is less likely to get compromised in the first place. You will learn tips you can implement now to improve security for your organization and for yourself.