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We Are The Second Responders

In my view, librarians are second responders; a later role that is much needed and of significant importance.  We are the group that enters the picture during the second wave of disaster relief, when many others have forgotten or grown weary of hearing of the situation.

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Library Resources for Dealing with Mass Shootings

Public libraries provide a wealth of information to their patrons on virtually any topic, including resources for individuals responding to tragedy. Although this is often a difficult subject to approach due to its emotional nature, patrons may need this information now more than ever, due to the recent spate of mass shootings.

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Disasters: Providing Resources for Your Community

There is no shortage of evidence that libraries and librarians can effectively fulfill many roles in disaster planning, response, and recovery (Featherstone, Lyon, and Ruffin 2008; Fitzgerald 2012; Paulsen 2012). Although your library probably already has emergency action plans in place, you can do more for your community as a library professional: Subscribe to the […]