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Love or Respect – the Collection Development Dilemma

In theory, we are all professionals and whether we like a particular area of the collection or not, we should be able to do our job of adding new materials and withdrawing those that are no longer of use. However, we’re all human. Some things we like better than others. What are some ways to give your section the respect it deserves if you didn’t love it immediately to begin with?

A tower of used books

Weeding Collections

Recently, I was placed in charge of a weeding project of the non-fiction collection at Meredith Public Library, where I work as a library aide. This task, combined with a recent discussion at New Hampshire Library Association’s Annual Conference and a news story out of the University of New Hampshire, have gotten me to think about the importance of curating our collections. Also, it has brought on the realization that perceptions about weeding, both within libraries and in our broader communities, tend to be pretty negative.


80/20 Collection Development

What if we applied the science and wisdom of the 80/20 rule to our collections and weeding, could libraries radically increase our circulation and relevance to the community?