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Religion Versus Theology in Library Programming

While the series is on the topic of religion, we are not engaging in religious programming, but theological programming. That is, we are pursuing an academic discourse on the nature of belief in the divine and the various rituals that might display this belief for particular groups. 

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Ethics of Library Meeting Rooms

We have all heard that we are gatekeepers of information. This is true, but we must not forget that we are also gatekeepers of materials and services. Being that we have so much power and influence, our professional association, the ALA, has created a Code of Ethics and a Library Bill of Rights to give patrons inalienable rights as they use library resources.

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Books on Islam Vandalized

Books about Islam and any other religion belong in public libraries.

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All Religions Welcomed at the Library

Imagine these two scenarios:

Situation 1 – A middle aged man comes to the library. He wears a suit, you know him superficially as a local decorated veteran. He brings with him a challenge form. He has clearly read the policy and the book in question, and has marked multiple passages of graphic descriptions of rape, murder, assault, and orgy. All can be confirmed by the text. He requests this book be reconsidered.