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Tackling Library Sacred Cows with Structured Debate

Can public libraries use “Structured Debate” to re-examine our sacred cows and keep pace with our rapidly transforming service models? Elaborate displays, traditional book clubs, bulging, outdated collections – how can we proactively respond to opportunities and challenges?

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Results are What Matters: PLA Bootcamp 2015

The Public Library Association (PLA) held its annual Results Boot Camp program this year on August 24th – 28th at the Nashville Public Library. Facilitated by Sandra Nelson and June Garcia, this year’s event focused on strategic planning and service delivery. In its tenth year, Boot Camp is described by PLA as “intensive library management training,” although the specific focus varies each year. Participants attend four full days and one half-day session, which feature a mix of lecture-style instruction and small group work. Time is also allotted for individual reflection about how the content fits in with your particular library’s situation.