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More on RFID in the Library

You thought putting in RFID tags was fun? Wait until you actually turn on the gates. That’s when the real adventure starts!


RFID – The People Side of Implementing a New Technology

As with every new product or service in a library, challenges occur. With getting an RFID system, there’s plenty of need for that!

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RFID – The Sometimes Silly Things No One Tells You

When you’ve decided RFID is right for you, there are a few quirks that you will want to keep in mind

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RFID: Challenges for Potential Vendors

We have been lucky to work with a vendor who is very responsive. Make sure you find one that listens to you!

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Does RFID Make Sense for Your Library?

Should your library convert to RFID? All the cool kids are doing it — but is RFID right for you?