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Under the Radar

Blind Them With Science

Science is having a parsec. It’s one of the most popular trending topics in popular non fiction. Let’s give some credit to Adam and Jamie of the television show Mythbusters (2003–16) for showing us all how to blow stuff up safely, and to Bill Nye for inspiring millions of science fair projects that weren’t boring. It didn’t take long for compelling science non fiction to make its way to print, screen, and airwaves. Science is cool, trending, fun, and interesting. And, no surprise here, infinitesimal. Here is a mere sampling of some new, quirky, fascinating books, movies, podcasts, and more to recommend to patrons seeking an instant chemical reaction.

science lab beaker

Experiment With Science at The Library

On Thursday afternoons at the Pikes Peak Library District, when Programming Librarian Antonia Krupicka-Smith sets up her experiment, a crowd starts to gather. It’s time for Science Stop! The younger patrons come close to the table with excitement on their faces. They put forth hypotheses and you hear their reactions when the experiment plays out. The adults hang back a little at first, but you see them lean in as the science happens.