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illustrations of various items that libraries are now lending (seeds, tools, sewing machines, etc.)

Community Connections and Creating a Library of Things

The idea is to lend things that people need, so they won’t have to buy them. A Library of Things helps to reduce consumption and waste while providing access to many items people may not be able to purchase.


Check out Seeds at the Library

Recent research shows that many public libraries now manage seed libraries. This unique kind of “library of things” has many benefits for libraries and for the communities they serve.

Simple Steps to Starting a Seed Library

The MVPL Seed Library launched in April 2013 with a plant exchange. Patrons were invited to bring culls, clippings, and spare seedlings to trade with their neighbors. A blurb on the flyer let people know that we were also accepting donations for our new seed library. Over the course of three hours on a Saturday, more than 120 patrons exchanged over 400 plants, and we received enough seeds to start our library.

seedling plant

Borrow Seeds. Grow Plants.

One of the most interesting contemporary movements in food is NOT big…and is happening IN libraries: seed libraries. And, yes. It is as simple as it sounds. Borrow seeds. Grow plants. Let some go to seed. Return seeds to the library.