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Sharing Your Awesomeness: Personal Library Marketing

We work so hard on coming up with innovative, interesting, and just plain fun ways to make our libraries useful to our communities that sometimes we forget to keep our patrons in the know. But as public libraries, we have to constantly make sure our usefulness is known, whether it be during budget season when local support suddenly dries up behind pledges to lower taxes or watching our visit and circulation numbers drop throughout the year because people don’t realize what we’ve got. This is where library marketing comes in.

Marketing 101 with Trenton Smiley

While public libraries are constantly transforming themselves to meet the changing informational and entertainment needs of the community, many people still have an old fashioned-view idea of what libraries have to offer. Why is this? Libraries are so much more than books. Today’s libraries have cutting-edge technology, dynamic programming, and knowledgeable staff, yet so many […]

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Get to the Point Already

“Almost one thousand people in this country die each day from smoking-related illnesses. Imagine it. That’s as if two fully loaded jumbo jets collided over your hometown every day and everyone aboard was killed. . . ” Authors Karen Berg and Andrew Gilman write about “selling points” in the book Get to the Point. This selling point was created to paint a picture of how many people die from smoking every day. The selling point is striking and I can’t imagine you could forget the image. The library has plenty of great stories, touchy-feely and full of “awww.” I have to tell you, those stories don’t always resonate with me or politicians. They want results. They want to know the return on investment.

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Strategic Marketing is a Smart Investment

When money is tight, marketing budgets are the first to go. Developing a strategic marketing plan will help prove why marketing is not only smart, it’s necessary to be successful.