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Reading With Colors

Barbara Laws, a first grade teacher in Grandblanc, Michigan, was experimenting with colors. Some of her most disruptive students (who had difficulty reading) found using color overlays improved their attention and reading. Law had discovered the idea in the book Reading by the Colors, by Helen Irlen, published by the Irlen Institute in California. Irlen’s research revealed that 40 percent of students with reading problems actually had visual problems, many of which could be overcome through visual correction.


Beanstack: A Readers’ Advisory Tool for Young Readers

In the field of public librarianship, it is well known that readers’ advisory is a vital component of the job. Each librarian has his/her own resources to accomplish this task. Databases, word-of-mouth, and a librarian’s own personal reading experiences are just a few examples in a librarian’s tool kit. Now another means of advisory has become available for youth services librarians, Beanstack .


Tech Planning Tips for Libraries of All Sizes

Tech planning: it might not be the most exciting task, but it’s a necessary and important thing to do as you look at the bigger picture for your library. But while that all sounds good in theory, actually putting together a tech plan might seem overwhelming or arduous. How do you even begin planning out everything you want tech-wise for your library?


Libraries of Instagram

It’s easy to be overwhelmed as libraries worldwide are posting on Instagram, but specific hashtags can help find hidden gems.