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A Library Can Say Hello in Almost Any Language

When challenged with serving New York City’s most linguistically diverse borough, the Queens Library in New York City has flourished instead and created a mosaic that celebrates the Queens community’s wonderful multiculturalism.

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Essential Tools for the Today’s Cybrarians

Currently, I am taking a course in Web 2.0/Social Media. The only social media platform I use with any frequency is Facebook, but I recognize that as librarians, it’s important for us to learn about what else is out there.

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New Budget Processes for the “New Normal”

Library budgeting has never been an easy task. New approaches, like priority-based and outcome-based budgeting, could help align a library budget with its services and dollars received.

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“The Stuff that Dreams are Made of…” : Film Noir Reads

There is a genre of literature that I love, but has largely been forgotten today. I’m thinking of the great pulp fiction stories and novels of the 1920s – 1940s. Call it noir, hard-boiled, or just crime stories, some of the greatest characters have arisen from this lost art. In turn, these works inspired a […]

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A Free Virtual Conference for Librarians? It’s On!

My colleague and I hosted Library OnConference, a virtual conference held completely on Google Hangouts for librarians throughout the country. How did this come about and would we do it again? And how can you host your own conference?

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Museum of Natural History

Bringing the Smithsonian to Your Patrons

One of the most interesting museum experiences out there is the Smithsonian. However, many people may not have the opportunity to travel and see everything. Now, the American Library Association has teamed up with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) to offer a traveling exhibit, Exploring Human Origins, based on the Hall of Human Origins.

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Challenges of a Rural Library

While some of us may be used to large urban public libraries that have almost anything we want, this is not the case with rural libraries. What some people take for granted others would treasure. Many libraries in rural areas are at a crossroads where they find themselves in a financial situation that does not allow them to advance.

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Paddling to the Library

Imagine a day at the beach: Feel the warm sand slipping between your toes. The pleasure of drowsily napping under the rays of the warm sun. Cooling off in the water, splashing in the waves. Borrowing a book from the library. Wait a second… library? I thought I was at the beach?

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Baby Boomers Aren’t Called “Seniors” Anymore – Next Level Programming for Older Adults

Baby Boomers have rebranded themselves—older adults, matures, 55+, aging adults, longevitists? They aren’t called “seniors” anymore. And library services need to keep pace with their changing needs.

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Bike-Based Library Services: Innovative Outreach

Why bikes? The basic idea is that with a little customization, creativity, and legwork, a bicycle can become a mobile point of service in the community. Bicycles go where bookmobiles can’t, provide an element of surprise, and spark a personal connection that will promote library services in new ways.

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