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Planning a New Building

For those of us in public libraries, our primary goal is to provide our patrons with excellent service. Sometimes this means opening a new location or providing new services to keep up with the pace of our world. When you’re spending a good deal of taxpayer money on a large investment like a new facility, you want to make sure you do extensive planning to ensure the best possible results.

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John Adams Collection at Boston Public Library

Legal Resources Recap

Public librarians are faced with a myriad of questions. Some of these inquiries become tricky when they are medical or legal in nature. This post will highlight a few legal resources that may help you find answers for your patrons.

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Amazon vs Hachette: Will There Be a Winner?

As negotiations between Amazon and Hachette continue, the New York Public Library hosted a panel discussion titled “Amazon: Business As Usual?” Questions about e-book pricing, compensation for authors, and publisher-retailer relationships were all discussed. How will this affect the publishing world and public libraries?

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Library Journal Salary Survey 2014

Library Journal Releases Results of 1st Salary Survey

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IMLS Releases Latest National Public Library Data

See how your library compares with the national trends. The FY 2011 survey shows correlations between data elements like library usage, collection size, and funding.

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student and teacher

Dispatches from ALA 2014: Ideas and Practices in STEM/STEAM Learning

As a Student to Staff volunteer with PLA for the 2014 ALA Annual Conference, I was given the task of assisting for several programs. Each of the programs I attended were unique, but all sought to continue a conversation about public library service—how to improve programs, increase outreach to patrons and support development.

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Making Hard Choices During Budget Cuts

When I go back to my favorite restaurant growing up, I find it pales in comparison to my memory. What I’m experiencing-currently-is not what I remember. Life is about change. The library is an organic entity with a life of its own. No matter how much we cling to our memories, what we recall in […]

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teen reading

In Defense of YA Lit

Encouraging, not judging readers.

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Calling Kids to the Library Lunch Table

We’ve always known that food brings people together, but we didn’t know that Lunch at the Library would build such a strong bond with our community. And, it’s only been a few weeks since our library began this exciting new program.

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Internet Search

Tips for More Effective Google Searches

As librarians, Google can be our friend. That’s funny, because a lot of people think that Google renders librarians obsolete. But I, and many other library professionals, use Google regularly. Don’t get me wrong; I love online databases as much as the next librarian. For example, when I’m teaching a class on business resources for job seekers, I introduce them to our amazing library databases that will give them the current, verified, and valuable information that they need. In fact, a common response from the participants is, “Wow, you can’t find that by doing a Google search!” It definitely makes my librarian heart sing. But then there are other times, like when a patron wants to find that sentence from that article from that magazine that was published sometime in the last decade, when Google has the potential to be a really big help.

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