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Tax Forms – Moving From Distribution Point to Information Provider

Where are your tax forms? How Great River Regional Library eliminated tax form distribution as move toward better defining their library’s role as information provider.

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It’s About the Patrons

Our ILS migration is complete—meaning, the data has migrated and we are actively live on the new system. Even though we are tweaking and learning and listening to patrons, a couple of things stand out about the process and why this was still a good idea.

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Fast Five: My Experience as a Spark Talks Presenter

My colleague Gwyn and I gave a Spark Talk at PLA 2014. Our goal was to show how it is possible to livestream library programs for free. We had to be informative, convincing, and captivating — and present the idea in 300 seconds or less.

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Career-Changers – How the Public Library Can Help

Librarianship was a second career for me. Changing paths was not easy at any step along the way. Now, I am watching my partner go through the same process. I am also seeing a world in which unemployment looms large and the concerns which plague both job seekers and career changers seem to be magnified.

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The Perfect Partnership: Public Libraries and Homeschoolers

According to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics 2013 report, the number of school-aged children being homeschooled has risen 17% in five years. As a community partner, the public library can assist this growing population’s needs.

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Pastrami on Rye With a Side of Joyce Carol Oates, Please!

Through May 7, 2014, the New York Public Library is offering its busy patrons a unique opportunity to listen to famous authors give a twenty minute reading of their work, followed by a ten minute question and answer session. The events will be located under the center arch in historic Astor Hall and the series […]

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Books to Movies: Get Ready for the Summer Season

Making books into movies is big business, and with summer coming up the viewing public is set for a large amount of book-to-movie adaptations to hit the big screen. Some of the biggest blockbusters have been movies based on teen books, and that trend does not look to die out anytime soon. Here’s a list of some of the most anticipated book-based movies that are coming soon to a theater near you.

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Countdown to Summer with YALSA

YALSA has started counting down with its last 100 Days Till Summer initiative. Here are some highlights of their Summer Reading & Learning site for activities and ideas to help you get ready for your summer reading or learning program.

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RFID – The Sometimes Silly Things No One Tells You

When you’ve decided RFID is right for you, there are a few quirks that you will want to keep in mind

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RFID: Challenges for Potential Vendors

We have been lucky to work with a vendor who is very responsive. Make sure you find one that listens to you!

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