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Email: cassidycharles24@gmail.com   Website: Tales From the Book Drop   Twitter: @cbcsundance

Cassidy Charles is a media library clerk and MLIS student at Rutgers University. When not up to her elbows in jewel cases, she enjoys running and sewing sock animals. She has worked in suburban, rural, and urban public libraries. Cassidy is currently reading "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky.

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Best Books 2012

‘Tis the season for reflecting on 2012, and I hope everyone had a year of high circulation, well-attended programs, and other library successes.  It is also the time of year that librarians, journalists, and booksellers look back on the year’s books and determine which were most popular and which books were quality reads but flew […]

Is Dewey Dead?

Half the battle of any search in a library is locating the item in question. In a perfect library, every item would be shelved and stored exactly where the catalog says it should be down to the shelf marks. Even if the library pours a majority of its operating budget into excellent cataloging though, there is one thing that operating dollars cannot help: patrons’ knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System.


Can I Check This Out? : Circulating Collections Beyond Books, CDs, and DVDs

The public library’s role is changing in the 21st century. Although digital services encompass a large portion of that change, public libraries are a critical resource center for many different types of resources. It is one thing to offer a local history or graphic novel collection, but it is entirely different to offer cake pans […]